Gemma in her own words:

“We initially didn’t budget for a videographer for our wedding day, however after finding an offer online and having a little extra budget towards the end of planning we decided to go for it. Many people had recommended having one during our planning process and we are so glad that we eventually added this “extra” to our day – knowing what I do now, this would have definitely been an essential and not an extra at all! The video of our day is the best keepsake we have. With no disrespect to our photographer, we love our video even more than our photos – just think how important the photos are in the planning process, the video should be up there on the same level. A video captures so many things that you can’t get from your photographer alone. Seeing your first kiss as husband and wife, watching your guests laugh and cry again, and the real look of love in your eyes. Videography at a wedding is priceless and the best decision we made by far.”